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What’s it like to buy a Humvee® through Street Legal Exports? What paperwork needs to be filed—and to whom, and where? Are maintenance and repairs done before shipping? What about custom work?


We provide all the answers to these questions—and much, much more—in our Humvee® 101 below.


I’m not located near your shop. I’m concerned about paying money to a company I’ve never met, for a vehicle I’ve only seen through pictures and videos. How do I know I can trust Street Legal Exports?

We understand your concern. However, please rest assured that buying from us is safe, secure, and easy. Not only have we done hundreds of Humvee® sales worldwide—we are also bonded and insured, plus we have a Florida vehicle dealer’s license.  Since our inception, we have shipped hundreds of Humvees® within the US, as well as Canada and across the world. For these reasons, you can trust and count on Street Legal Exports to expedite your shipping with a high degree of professionalism.


Finally, our terms include 50% payment down on date of sale, and 50% balance due on delivery—giving you an extra level of protection and peace of mind throughout the entire purchasing process.


Aren’t all Humvee® dealers bonded and licensed?

No. In fact, many dealers—from companies, to flippers, to private sellers—are not licensed, which means they may not adhere to state rules and laws regarding their business operations. However, we believe this is a crucial element to doing business at Street Legal Exports, especially given the long-distance logistics involved with most of our deals.


How long will it take to receive my Humvee® from Street Legal Exports?

It is all dependant on various factors.  If your purchase is of a Humvee® that we already have in stock, and only the mechanical is left to do, then it should be ready in a week or two.  If you purchase a Humvee® that we have in stock, but require some modifications, it is dependent on the number of changes we have to do.  Generally speaking, roughly 3 to 4 weeks.


How much does a Humvee® normally cost?

The cost of a used Humvee® depends on a number of variables, including the model and features.  When purchasing from us, all of the costs will be discussed with you up front.


Do you offer financing?

At this time, Street Legal Exports does not offer financing.


What does it mean that your Humvees® are sold “certified”?

All Street Legal Export Humvees® go through an extensive multi-point maintenance process to include portals, differentials, transfer case, as well as all fluids, filters, suspension and more. For every vehicle, we put a great deal of expertise into ensuring a reliable refurbishment of the highest quality. As a result of our serving process, you get a great running, hassle-free Humvee®!


If I purchase a Humvee® from you, will you do maintenance on it before shipping it to me?

Yes. We put all trucks through a multipoint certified service process prior to shipping.


What if something goes wrong with my Humvee® after I receive it?

We put a lot of work into ensuring a reliable high-quality product, so we anticipate there should not be any problems. However, if anything does go wrong at any point after the sale, we will make every effort to get you the parts you need, at a greatly reduced cost.


How do I get a on-road title for my Humvee® in the US?

All Humvees® we sell come with a road title.  From that point, once you have purchased the vehicle, it will be much easier to title it in the State or Province you are in.


Do you export to other countries?

The answer is absolutely. If your country allows the importation of Humvees®, then we more than likely can ship it to you.  Every Humvee® exported out of country need an export license, and we look after that as well. 


Where do you export Humvees® to?

Our Humvees® can be exported across the United States and to most countries including the European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, South America, Australia, Japan, and many others. Note that different countries can have different importing criteria. For example, in certain European countries, they will only allow imports of vehicles that are considered "classic" (over 30 years old). Some countries also charge more in taxes if the vehicle is newer than 30 years old.


What countries does Street Legal Exports ship to?

We partner with world-class companies to safely ship your Humvee® anywhere that will accept imports of military vehicles. We are very familiar with shipping to Europe, Australia and Japan, to name a few countries. As for other countries such as Central and South America, we recommend you check with your department for registration of motor vehicles if you can import them, prior to beginning the process of purchasing a Humvee®.


How much will it cost to ship my Humvee® to me?

The cost is dependent on several variables including size, weight, country etc. However, because we have access to multiple shippers worldwide and generally ship in high volumes, we often get the best shipping prices (and discounts) for our customers.  Plus, we always obtain at least two quotes, so you can be sure you’re getting the lowest rate possible.


I want to buy a Humvee®—but I don’t know where to start. Help!

You’ve come to the right place! We love Humvees®, have vast experience in the marketplace, and enjoy sharing all we know about these amazing vehicles. To ensure you are confident in your purchase, we will be pleased to guide you toward finding the best Humvee® that meets your wants, needs and budget.


Meanwhile, we also invite you to join our Facebook community, Humvee®, HMMWV Trader and Shipping/Export Info. Not only do we list our inventory and other items for sale—it’s also a place to pose any Humvee®-related questions. No question is too simple or too complex; our group aims to respond to everything with the utmost respect. We look forward to you joining our social community!

Does Street Legal Exports sell Humvee parts?

If inventory allows, yes! Call us at any time for parts including engines, hard doors, hard tops, slant backs, and more. We also specialize in A/C repairs.

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