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Want a custom military-grade Humvee®?  Something extra-unique that features all the bells and whistles of this iconic vehicle, plus your choice of special enhancements?


Our world-class team of mechanics is here to help. First, we start by finding a base model that best suits your budget, needs and wants. Then, we get to work modernizing it to your exact specifications.


Our custom options and upgrades include (Other custom work may be available upon request):



Custom Painting

  • Rhino lined interior and/or exterior

  • CARC repaint in tan, green or custom colours

Air Conditioning

  • Vehicles not equipped with stock A/C can be equipped with one by our professional team

Interior Console

  • Consoles with cup holders are available from our providers

Custom Tires and Wheels

  • Upgrade stock military tires (37.5 x 12.5 x 16.5) to 39-inches without a body lift

  • Multiple custom rim and tire options are available

Seat Options

  • Original High-back seats or customs seats

Radio Tray

  • Original radio tray

LED Light and Light Bars

  • Upgrade to LED headlights

  • Upgraded LED packages available for all other lights

Tops and Doors

  • Hard top and doors

  • Hard X-doors


  • Upgrade transmission to a 4 speed

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